Packaging Design 


PCD is the Premier Customized

Packaging Provider


We serve a variety of industries and are committed to delivering the ideal, optimized and most cost-effective packaging design solutions possible. We achieve this by considering all aspects of our clients’ supply chain in order to identify areas for improvement. Our clients are always treated with excellent care as we work proactively and collaboratively to ensure their needs are met.


Our Client-Centered Process

  1. Assessment of Your Packaging Needs:  Armed with your request, our experts will work with you to identify your needs and objectives. We will then evaluate the specifics of your supply chain to strategically develop and design an individualized packaging solution that meets your needs.

  2. Unbiased Recommendations: Our experts will not attempt to “sell” you on any one material or product. We consider ourselves "material agnostic," and choose materials which will benefit your supply chain the most. The materials we use change on a case-by-case basis and depend on our clients' unique needs. We are committed to solutions, not sales. This eliminates bias and allows us to find the ideal packaging design that lowers your overall costs.

  3. Packaging Development and Production: PCD manages all aspects of production, development, shipping and inventory control. We guarantee the highest quality products and services and strive to deliver a seamless process to our clients. Should problems arise, our experts have the experience and knowledge to resolve them to our clients' satisfaction.

  4. End of Program Services: Your success and satisfaction is our goal. Once your project ends, we are still here to be your resource. Packaging is never “finished,” so if you need existing packaging re-utilization and refurbishment or simply need to place another order, give us a call!


Supply Chain Management 

While we are the experts at design packaging, our overall goal is to help you create the most efficient and optimized supply chain.


  1. Standards: We design and develop inbound packaging standards that consider part protection, freight optimization, lineside orientation, ergonomics, and sustainability.

  2. Form Management: We develop in-bound packaging forms and manage the process with your parts suppliers.

  3. Suppliers and Packaging Design: We’ll work with your suppliers to ensure packaging design complies with your standards.

  4. Budgeting: We help establish packaging budgets and help you define your returnable vs. expendable ROIs.


Advanced Design Capabilities 

Our engineers have the unique capability to batch translate numerous part data formats at one time, delivering some of the fastest design turnaround times in the industry. PCD’s packaging engineers are experts in all major CAD programs for dimensional drawings and rapid prototyping. They will provide detailed packaging specifications that allow you to understand the critical components of each design and easily communicate and collaborate using eDrawing software. We update and maintain a data library of all of our engineering drawings to ensure best-in-class designs each and every time. 


Our Engineering Credentials 

  • Full-time engineering staff

  • Full-time CAD operators

  • SolidWorks, Catia, ArtiosCAD

  • 3D Modeling

  • 3D Printing

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Design & Development (CAD/CAM)

  • Reverse Engineering


Testing and Validation 

We Put Our Packaging to the Test…


We test every one of our packaging designs to ensure quality and client satisfaction. To maintain accurate and objective testing results, we utilize a global partnership of independent testing laboratories.


Using a wide variety of equipment, including 6-Axis vibration testing machines, incline impact testing, and humidity chamber testing; all procedures meet ISTA standards. We also perform and a virtual Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on every packaging design. For electronics, we adhere to ISTA performance and development tests.


We are one of the few packaging design providers that is Department of Transportation (DOT) certified for lithium-ion battery packaging and testing, ensuring our battery transport designs are in full compliance with mandated regulations.


Our full range of testing and validation services make certain your packaging solution delivers the safety and stability you need to ship with confidence.