Steel Shipping Racks

Steel Racks


Typically used to ship large, complicated parts for automotive and other industrial industry companies, steel shipping racks can accommodate the heaviest industrial equipment. They are returnable and environmentally friendly. PCD customizes fabricated steel racks for any size or complexity.


Our steel racks are most often made from 7 Gauge and 11 Gauge steel tubing. We use steel channel, flat stock, expanded metal, angle iron and laser-cut details for rack interiors. These interior options are used to hold dunnage that can be installed to ensure optimal part protection and greater ergonomics.



PCD offers a variety of steel rack styles including bag racks, collapsible racks, caster racks, steel baskets, and wire baskets. While steel can be an expensive commodity, its reusability can yield large returns and savings in the long term.


Due to our large supply base, we have nearly unlimited design capabilities. Our engineers don’t just specialized in steel rack design; they also have deep knowledge about every type of product and material we offer. This means we can provide you with the ideal steel rack design for your needs.