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Redefining Packaging to Reduce Your Total Landed Costs

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Redefining Packaging to Reduce Your Total Landed Costs

Your Ideal Packaging Solution

Redefining Packaging to Reduce Your Total Landed Costs

PCD provides customized packaging solutions to customers from around the world and with a focus on North America.

We specialize in sustainable packaging that protects your most precious products while reducing your bottom line.

Packaging Solutions

We Evaluate:

Material Costs
Labor Usage
Just-in-Time Delivery

Cube Efficiency
Line-Side Orientation
Packaging Inventory Management
Strength-to-Weight Ratio

PCD brings over 100 years of expertise to the packaging industry. 

As a leading packaging provider with holistic, and sustainably-focused values, we partner with clients to develop cost-effective and efficient packaging solutions.

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Packaging Solutions

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PCD provides customized packaging solutions for a variety of industries throughout North America. Committed to helping clients solve their roughest packaging design and supply chain challenges, we rely on a team of elite packaging engineers to get the job done.


Understanding the automotive packaging requirements is essential to support safe and secure shipments. PCD offers guidance and support to automotive clients by offering both expendable and returnable packaging that can withstand the stresses of transport.


An effective supply chain is crucial to the aerospace industry. Products need to arrive at the right place, and at the right time in order to maintain security. PCD strategically utilizes  customized packaging products to support safe and secure aerospace shipments.


We develop and design packaging that is robust enough to support industrial parts and equipment.  Our packaging enhances  the protection of all large and delicate equipment during transport.


The electric vehicle industry is growing at a quick rate. And we are constantly working to support optimized EV shipments. We are one of very few packaging providers that is DOT HazMat certified, equipping our clients with the ideal packaging for lithium ion batteries. This allows us to lower costs by localizing manufacturing.

Heavy Truck

Engines, transmissions, exhaust systems, seats, headliners, instrument panels, body sides and other heavy truck shipments require sturdy and innovative packaging systems. We design packaging solutions that cater to large and complicated systems. We also provide load-optimization and client-specific solutions.


Heavy construction equipment is typically shipped with the help of a large transport vessels and/or vehicles. We design packaging solutions with strong materials to protect these bulky shipments, while prioritizing the safety of both the equipment and the equipment handlers during transit. 


Electronics require delicate packaging during shipment. Typically, we use protective cushion curve packaging for these systems, which is engineered to provide a shock-proof barrier for protection during transport–at an economical price! But we also perform ISTA testing on all of our electronic packaging to enhance protective measures.


The Mil-STD-2073 packaging standard outlines specifications to which shipments must adhere. We build custom packaging that meets strict MIL Spec standards in order to keep military equipment safe during transport.


Powertrains are large, and complicated systems, requiring extra support and protection during shipment. We develop powertrain packaging solutions that cater to the unique nature of these systems. We also have solutions for engine systems and components, engine cooling, fuel supply, exhaust systems, filtration systems, thermal management, transmission and gears, drive shafts and axle transmissions.

Off-Road Vehicles

We rely on rigid and supportive packaging solutions to support the shipment of off-road vehicles. Our highly-engineered packaging offers cost savings for complex parts and the total supply chain.


Our innovative packaging designs offer the furniture industry flexible and affordable packaging options.

Packaging Solutions

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PCD provides a number of customized packaging solutions for clients throughout North America

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