Custom Bags

Custom Plastic Bags

Custom plastic bags provide clients with a secure way to ship items like automotive parts while offering a natural branding opportunity. PCD supplies both standard and custom bags for a variety of uses. We have the ability to include high-quality print and graphics on our products, so they can be branded and further customized. We offer:

  • Flat Bags
  • Gusseted Bags
  • Auto Bags
  • Wicketed Bags
  • Contoured Seat Bags

Contoured Auto Seat Bags

Our contoured automotive bags are highly engineered and always customized. They are typically made from LLDPE or HDPE. PCD is one of only two companies in North America that provide and specialize in developing contoured seat bags. Additionally, we use only virgin materials, as opposed to recycled, which allows us to downgauge our bags. And, our machines are highly advanced and the FASTEST in the country.

ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) Solutions

ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) can be extremely destructive and dangerous. PCD offers a variety of customizable materials and bag options that provide protection against ESD:

  • Custom Bags: Our bags come in many sizes, styles and can be customized to protect against static.
  • Foam: PCD carries several foam products that serve endless functions.
  • Bubble Wrap: Bubble wrap provides antistatic protection and cushions products from damage.
  • And many more.