Expendable Packaging

Expendable Packaging

Typically, expendable packaging is made with wood, corrugated or plywood materials but we offer a variety of other packaging products that cater to each client’s needs. We ensure that all of our expendable products are export-compliant and that they can be shipped globally. 

Expendable packaging is best used for a one-way shipment, when the cost to return this packaging is prohibitive. Since each packaging scenario varies, our engineers work with our clients to find the ideal and  most cost-effective solution to meet their needs. 

Expendable packaging can be designed with a variety of dunnage materials that provide cushioning and protection. Dunnage can be used to protect against shock, vibration and corrosion during shipment. Whatever your need or situation, our engineers will work with you to find your optimal solution.

Benefits of Expendable Packaging:

  • It’s inexpensive
  • A lightweight material
  • Good for one time shipments overseas
  • Recyclable