Expendable steel racks (ESRs)are typically used to ship large, complicated parts for automotive and industrial companies . They are best for one-way transit like those that are used in the export and transport packaging industries.  ESRs are flexible in that they allow you to increase the number of parts you can ship, which reduces freight costs. They are also a great alternative to corrugated wood, when companies have fire restrictions. 

Our custom designed ESRs have been extremely well received by OEM and Tier 1 clients alike because they offer the following benefits: 

  • They lower shipping costs, offering huge freight savings by as much as 30%.
  • The superior design reduces damage in transit, ensuring that products arrive safely.
  • ESRs reduce aggregate packaging material expenditure.
  • They’re also environmentally friendly because they are 100% recyclable. 

PCD’s engineers are constantly seeking to improve product efficiency, durability, flexibility, and economy. Our ESRs can be customized to meet these needs.. Additionally, we uniquely understand the welding process and work closely with our engineers to “coach” them on proper pricing. Because we have extensive experience with overseas shipping, we understand how to price global ESRs without overestimating the cost of labor.