Your Ideal Global
Packaging Solution

PCD’s holistic approach to packaging begins with an individualized review of your total supply chain.

Material Costs • Labor Usage • Functionality • Durability • Re-usability • Just-in-Time Delivery • Ergonomics • Cube Efficiency • Line-Side Orientation • Packaging Inventory Management • Safety • Strength-to-Weight Ratio

This client-centered methodology identifies how best to leverage your supply chain influencers. The result is a customized and cost-effective packaging solution that improves your bottom line.

Your Export Packaging


We have extensive knowledge of international, industry-specific packaging guidelines and understand how to integrate them into packaging design. Our global program management services provide a complete approach to the design, development, and supply of packaging for large, worldwide programs. PCD is capable of managing every aspect of our clients’ global export programs, from delivery and budget to quality and launch, PCD provides complete oversight. We also provide a range of export packaging materials and products, like shipping crates, corrugated, wood, hybrids, Expendable Steel Racks (ESR’s) and VCI .


  • Hermosillo – Sonora
  • Ramos Arizpe – Cohauila
  • Monterrey – NL
  • San Luis Potosi – SLP
  • Queretaro – QRO
  • Leon – GTO
  • Puebla – Puebla

We Offer:

  • Reliable storage, distribution, and delivery of containers on a release system or Just-In-Time.
  • Value-added unit load breakdown, ISO cube utilization, kitting, sequencing, and monitoring of product inventory.
  • Continuous analysis, recommendations, and implementation of container utilization improvements.
  • Knowledge of specified packaging needs for products featuring water transit.

Our Process

Assess Packaging Needs

Conduct Plant Audit and Review Product Design

Analyze Current Packaging

Identify Container Redeployment Opportunities

Develop Packaging Recommendations

Develop Business Case

Provide Cost Analysis

Develop and Present Quote

Develop Packaging Specifications

Design Packaging and Develop Specifications

Determine System Requirements

Manage Prototype Development and Testing

Supply Cost Effective Packaging

Launch – Utilize PPAP to Validate Design and Mfg. Process

Oversee Shipping and Inventory

Quality Assurance Program

End of Program Services

Services include existing packaging Reutilization and refurbishment

Advanced Design Capabilities

Our engineering team is dedicated to designing cost-effective, high-performance solutions in collaboration with our customers. Our engineers have design experience in all major CAD programs, including:

  • Full-time engineering staff
  • Full-time CAD operators
  • SolidWorks, Catia, ArtiosCAD
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Printing
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Design & Development (CAD/CAM)
  • Reverse Engineering

For More Information

Arturo Albarran
Packaging Concepts & Designs
Mexico Sales Director
Cell: +52 1 81275-96486