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Our customized packaging solutions are designed to reduce total landed costs and overall environmental impact. We focus on optimizing our clients' supply chain and have extensive knowledge and experience serving a variety of industries throughout North America. PCD is committed to delivering customized, ideal packaging design solutions for every industry we serve.


We source with more than 750 multi-material manufacturers, which means that our team of talented engineers have access to the materials you need to bring your customized packaging project to life. We offer expendable and returnable options, and our solutions are always designed and tested to withstand the stresses of transport.  We are committed to helping our clients solve their toughest packaging design and supply chain challenges. 



The automotive industry demands a wide variety of packaging materials and supply chain solutions. Design packaging can be expendable or returnable and is always designed to withstand the stresses of transport.



An effective supply chain is especially crucial to the aerospace industry. Products need to arrive at the right place, at the right time in order to keep costs down and maintain security. PCD understands how to strategically utilize packaging to ensure the quality of the supply chain.



We develop and design packaging with material strong enough to support industrial equipment, but not so strong that it damages the product. Our packaging ensures safety for all large and/or delicate equipment during transport.



PCD develops economic packaging solutions for energy industries. In particular, we specialize in designing Department of Transportation (DOT) Hazardous Material certified packaging for EV (electric vehicle) lithium-ion batteries. We are one of the very few packaging providers that are DOT HazMat certified. This allows us to lower costs by localizing manufacturing and to safely ship products anywhere in the world.


Heavy Truck

We provide customized packaging solutions that optimize your total supply chain, including load optimization and cube utilization.



We develop design packaging with material strong enough to support heavy construction equipment. Our packaging ensures safety for all large equipment during transport.



Electronics are fragile, so we perform ISTA testing on all of our packaging designed for delicate technologies. Typically, we use protective cushion curve packaging, which has been perfectly engineered to provide the right cushioning for protection during transport at an economical price!



We build custom packaging that meets strict MIL Spec packaging standards and keeps military equipment safe during transport.



Our powertrain packaging solutions are developed to efficiently move parts through your supply chain and to protect your products during transport. We design packaging for engine systems and components, engine cooling, fuel supply, exhaust systems and filtration systems.


Off-Road Vehicles

Highly engineered packaging offers cost savings for complex parts and the total supply chain. 



Our innovative designs offer the furniture industry flexible and affordable packaging options. 



The recreational vehicle industry demands an efficient packaging system and supply chain due to its many components. We offer the packaging expertise and the experience needed to establish packaging standards and best practices for this highly complex industry.