3 Tips for Safely Shipping Powersports Vehicles

Powersports vehicles offer users an exhilarating recreational opportunity. ATVs take us over mixed terrain in the blink of an eye. Snowmobiles keep us invested in the outdoors during the cold months. Dirt-bikes, scooters, and jet skis offer merit of their own. But it can be difficult to ship these types of vehicles because of their size and sensitivity. However, with the help of a team of experts, it’s possible to safely ship your powersports vehicle nearly anywhere. Here are 3 tips for safely shipping powersports vehicles no matter where you are.

#1 Work with Packaging Engineers:

Hiring a packaging engineer to assist you with powersports vehicle shipping can make a substantial difference in the shipping process. Rather than worrying about damaging your vehicle, you can rest a little easier knowing that packaging engineers specialize in protecting your vehicle. Developing packaging designs that prioritize product protection can allow you to ship a vehicle without encountering potential damage. Working with a packaging engineer gives you access to sophisticated designs to support each shipment, no matter where it’s going. Don’t be afraid to find packaging support for large shipments.

#2 Use Soft-Cinch Tie Downs:

No one wants to damage their vehicle from tying it down in the wrong spot or using rigid tie downs that cause tarnishing and structural damage. Even if a powersports vehicle is traveling a short distance, hitting bumps in the road can be completely catastrophic with the wrong packaging support. If you’re going to tie down your vehicle, be sure to use soft-cinch tie downs in order to avoid damage to your vehicle.

#3 Invest in a Specialty Loading Ramp:

Loading a powersports vehicle into a trailer can be one of the worst parts about shipping a vehicle. But with the use of a specialty loading ramp, the process gets a lot easier. Custom loading ramps can give you access to game-changing features like height adjusters, levelers and rails. These benefits allow shippers to load and unload large vehicles with ease and efficiency.

While you’re preparing your powersports vehicle for shipment, prioritizing safety will allow you to protect your team and the products that you’re shipping. Focusing on the details of each shipment can give you insight into potential ways to shave freight costs, optimize cube utilization, and ensure that each vehicle is adequately packaged for shipment. Here at PCD, we work with both residential and corporate clients in order to guarantee shipping success. We offer support for those who are interested in shipping powersports vehicles domestically and internationally. For more information, contact us!


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