Four Questions to Ask When Choosing a Packaging Solution Firm

When choosing a packaging company to help with your design projects, there is much to consider. You want a company you can rely on and who has the ability to find the right solutions for your packaging needs. Here 4 questions you should ask before hiring a packaging firm.

1. Ask: Do They Specialize in a Specific Industry? 

There are pros and cons to industry-specific packaging firms. If, for instance, they specialize in industrial packaging, you may benefit from their familiarity  on packaging for heavy equipment. The downside is that they may lack more nuanced knowledge, whereas a company who has worked with a variety of industries will have been exposed to more tricks of the trade. Additionally, just because a packaging firm doesn’t specialize in one industry, doesn’t mean they lack the expertise. Take the time to ask them questions and do plenty of research. 

2. Ask: Can They Do it All?  

There are endless components to an engineered packaging solution: design, budgeting/ROI, testing, material sourcing, prototype building, automation, software and much more. Some packaging solution providers can perform all of these functions in-house, but outsourcing isn’t a bad thing–so long as your packaging firm has excellent relationships and is effective at managing all the moving parts. 

3. Ask: Has Their Customer Service Been Well-Received? 

This should be a given but unfortunately it isn’t. Engineers at the company you hire should be excellent project managers, proactive communicators and invested in your company’s interests. They should also display superior levels of collaboration as they work with you to find a solution. Working with them should be a seamless experience. Additionally, they should be available to you after the project ends for any future adjustments and consultations. 

4. Ask: Do They See the Big Picture? 

Is this company trying to push standard boxes on you? Do they take your suggestions or designs and produce them without asking many questions? If so, stop working with them immediately. Good firms know that modern packaging is really an entire packaging system.Their goal should be to optimize your total supply chain and reduce your total landed costs. They should consider everything from your GPS systems, to package movement during transport, to the types of packaging used. In all, a packaging solution firm should positively impact your entire supply flow.
Whatever your packaging needs, PCD is here to help. We have extensive design experience, vast knowledge of a variety of industries, and superior levels of customer service.  And, designing packaging to optimize your supply chain and reduce your total landed costs is our specialty! If you’d like to see if we are the right packaging solution firm for you, don’t hesitate to contact us!