How to be More Open to Packaging Development

Packaging design is often the most overlooked opportunity for supply chain optimization. It has evolved from a necessary evil to an integral part of a successful supply chain. However, not all businesses are open to new ideas—and this is costing them.

More than ever, companies need innovative packaging engineers to create a, packaging system that improves their bottom line. So, you can continue to ship inefficient boxes and pay more or enlist the help of a packaging design firm for quicker, more cost-effective packaging. But, if you’re hesitant (or if your boss is), here’s how to embrace packaging development.

Participate as a “Focus Group” Member

If your organization has a research team, integrate them into the packaging design process. They will be able to better understand why certain decisions were made and the complexities involved in the design. In addition, they can “translate” this information to your organization’s decision makers.

Be Inquisitive

In the process of developing new packaging, ask yourself “what if?” What if this unique approach to packaging actually helps lower overall costs? What if new packaging is an opportunity to become more sustainable as a company? What if we could iron out supply chain challenges and reevaluate material expenses? What if, with a more efficient supply chain, we could reduce our storage costs and space? Think of the possibilities instead of what might go wrong.

Be Patient with the Process

Packaging development is not an exact science: custom packaging design takes time to perfect. Even the best packaging engineers may need a few prototypes before getting it right. Remember: there isn’t a “guide” for every packaging situation and depending on the complexity of your product, budget and any government shipping regulations (like in the case of electric vehicle car batteries) it takes time to create optimized packaging.

Communicate Effectively

Think about the end-to-end implications of your packaging. Consider who your customers are, the supply chain loop and its entire journey. Communicate these processes to your packaging engineer. The more information they have, the more efficient they’ll be in creating an optimized packaging design.

Whatever your packaging needs, PCD is here to help (and to help open your mind!) We have extensive design experience, vast knowledge of a variety of industries, and superior levels of customer service. And, designing packaging to optimize your supply chain and reduce your total landed costs is our specialty! If you’d like to see if we are the right packaging solution firm for you, don’t hesitate to contact us!