Powersports Packaging Made Simple

Many manufacturers rely on wooden and steel crates to transport bulky powersports vehicles. Some of those crates end up in landfills, rotting under the heat of the sun. Not only can this packaging process be cumbersome, it can also end in monetary losses. Powersports packaging can be made simple with the help of recyclable materials, steel racks, innovative designs, and clever engineering. So, rather than subjecting yourself to unnecessary packaging losses, you can rely on the help of experts to protect and support your powersports items with innovative packaging concepts. Seeking to improve packaging designs to protect workers and ensure their success is extremely important. And you can do so by evaluating the following packaging solutions.

Developing Unique Packaging Designs

In many cases, powersports packaging is built around a vehicle like an ATV. This process may require multiple labor hours, and several employees to complete it. But with the help of innovative engineering, it’s possible to drop that ATV inside of a pre-made package to reduce those hours and employees. Not only does this help to make the packaging process more efficient, it also assists clients in developing superior cube utilization. Since each scenario may involve different requirements and resources, it’s also important to be prepared to re-think and re-shape packaging protocols.

Recycling Powersports Packaging

Expendable packaging is usually cheaper in the short term. But it is usually only good for a single shipment. Reusable or recyclable packaging, on the other hand, is a more sustainable long-term packaging solution for powersports vehicles. Although this option can be heavier and initially more costly, it can be used dozens of times and your packaging costs will be amortized over time. Common types of reusable packaging also include boxes, totes, pallets, racks, trays, foam, steel, and cardboard.

Using Steel Racks for Shipment

Many packaging experts have the ability to design steel racks that can be used to protect powersports items during transit. In these designs, you may also find corrugated cardboard, plastic, and foam as added protective elements. Powersports shipments may require the combined use of these items in order to guarantee safe shipment. Some of these shipping systems are designed to be returnable and reusable, which cuts down on the amount of material and waste that’s associated with shipping powersports items.

Creating innovative designs helps to streamline the shipping process while protecting the shipped object from potential damage. Additionally, optimizing cube utilization with quality powersports packaging can help to reduce carbon emissions because you’ll, ultimately, require fewer trucks and containers. Freight costs fall in addition to the cost of shipping powersports items because of superior packaging solutions. If you’d like to learn more about powersports packaging, PCD would love to help. Please don’t hesitate to ,contact us!


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