Shipping Crates


Custom Wood Shipping Crates


From small and technical to large and durable, PCD has extensive experience designing a variety of custom wood crate solutions for our many customers. We design both domestic and export crates that can be used routinely or accommodate complicated equipment. We utilize several wood products, including hardwood, engineered wood and oriented strand board (OSB). Our wood shipping crates are always easy to open, use and reuse. They are often heat-treated and can be designed so that the lid and side walls are one unit that can be lifted from its base. In addition, our crates can be customized for export

Wood crates are usually used to ship heavy, expensive and high-value products that must be completely contained during shipment. We are your dunnage experts and ensure your shipping crates arrive safely and your product is intact every time. Our goal is to positively impact your supply chain and total landed costs with every wood crate design.


Custom Shipping Crates


PCD offers a number of shipping crate products and materials, including engine shipping crates. Our clients can choose from plastic crate boxes to wood box crates. We also offer customized expendable steel racks. Whatever your need, we design the custom shipping crate for you!