Custom Pallets, Reusable Boxes and Totes

Returnable pallets are an environmentally-friendly and affordable option for eco-conscious brands. PCD offers standard bulk bins, pallets, and handheld totes to support this demand. They are available in multiple colors and are equipped with identification options (either card holders or label placards) to accommodate shipping tags. Container sizes can also be customized to “cube out” trailers to maximize freight efficiency, reducing each brand’s carbon footprint.

Pallets can be customized and made with the following materials:


Steel pallets are the strongest market option. They can be custom-designed to fit individual loads and handling requirements. They are customizable, tough, easy to handle, and they can be painted and galvanized. 


Plywood pallets can carry light to medium  weight goods that need a strong and durable packaging solution. They are somewhat light, plywood pallets can carry a large amount of weight. They also have a low moisture absorption level, and they are completely customizable. 


Wood pallets are affordable and they can be customized in a variety of different ways. Our pallets can also be shipped internationally since  they meet international regulations. Wooden pallets are strong and are best used for storage in racks. 


We offer a variety of plastic pallet solutions to our clients. They are customizable, easy to wash and resistant to stains and fluids. 

Totes and Boxes

PCD offers standard, customized bulk bins and handheld totes. We offer multiple color options. Our boxes and totes are also equipped with identification options to accommodate shipping tags. We provide the right solution for you by incorporating  a variety of internal materials and dunnage into your shipment to keep your products safe during transit.