Packaging Solutions for International Shipments

Optimized Export Packaging

Distributing goods overseas presents a variety of challenges. And the longer the journey, the more likely it is that your shipment will encounter obstacles. Luckily, many of the obstacles that come out of global transportation can be mitigated by relying on international facilities to smooth the supply chain ripples.

Providing Packaging Solutions in the US & Mexico

Finding a packaging engineering company that maintains a local presence at each of the facilities is paramount. We maintain a local presence at facilities across the US & Mexico to support seamless transactions for our clients. Having feet on the ground allows us to identify potential issues before they become problems, dodging costly mistakes. Our multi-cultural facilities also provide international packaging solutions for a wide variety of customers through their access to materials, global transportation outlets, and expertise.

Designing International Packaging Systems

Our clients can work with local engineers to design packaging for international shipping to support seamless global transportation. Packaging engineers may also help clients to test their packaging to minimize damage. As you continue to build the perfect packaging, you should continue to refine and develop each system, eventually launching the final packaging product. Quality assurance is a leading factor in the final launch. It can also be helpful to perform a cost analysis to make sure that the price point works for each client.

Finally, evaluating how to use existing packaging, and whether you might refurbish some of those packaging products can provide additional savings. Providing both expendable and returnable packaging products allows clients to meet a variety of needs and price points.

Worldwide shipping is challenging. But rendering customer-specific packaging solutions makes it possible to meet that market head-on. With the help of experts, clients can expect to balance budgets, packaging quality, protection, and design in order to create a quality shipping experience. As customer needs shift and adapt, it may be useful to have access to multiple types of shipping crates in order to meet international shipping requirements. One application may require corrugated cardboard, another might require steel, and another might perform best with a hybrid. Global transportation also requires attention to detail when it comes to cube utilization. Rather than wasting precious space, you can work with engineers to optimize each container.

Where You Can Find Experts

PCD Packaging provides expert feedback and resources for those who hope to ship packages internationally. We help to monitor the systematic approach to regular shipments. And we also provide storage and distribution services. Even after a packaging solution has been reached, we continue to evaluate the efficacy of each packaging design. Our attention to detail and continued support allow us to internationally ship items like: engines, transmissions, doors, radiators, bumpers, and more! Please don’t hesitate to contact us!