Why Corrugated Packaging is the No. 1 Choice for Manufacturing Industries

Supply chains grow more complex by the moment, so packaging needs to keep up. Corrugated board is the preferred packaging material for most industries, but its versatility and ease-of-use make it perfect for industrial and manufacturing industries that require flexible and affordable packaging materials. It’s important not to confuse corrugated board with cardboard, which is one layer of heavy paper stock used for packaging things like cereal and beer. Here are five reasons why corrugated packaging is so beneficial for manufacturing companies.

1. Corrugated Board is Sustainable

With elevated social pressures to reduce waste and environmental harm, corrugated packaging is a low-cost, sustainable option. Typically, corrugated packaging is made from pine tree timber, wood chips or scraps from the paper-making business. Not only is it made from 70% to 100% recycled material, but it can also be recycled and reused.

2. It is Extremely Versatile

Manufacturing industries need packaging that can hold everything from small mirrors to heavy construction equipment. Corrugated board fits the bill. Its thickness, or “fluting,” can be customized for any sized product of virtually any weight. And, because it is easy to cut, it is can accommodate complex parts like engines and car doors. You can also treat corrugated board with coatings and adhesives to protect it against a variety of weather conditions. And, it can even become flame resistant.

3. It Protects Your Product

Its paper-like quality provides a natural cushion during transport. Though it is strong, it isn’t hard like plastic or metal, so if items shift, they won’t be damaged on a hard surface. And, because it is so customizable, the strength of corrugated board can always be increased if needed.

4. Affordability

Custom designing corrugated board is very affordable. Because the raw material used to make it is inexpensive and readily available, designs can are cheaply produced and tested. Which offers you plenty of options and more bang for your budget.

5. It is Lightweight

On its own, corrugated board is simple to move. While it is durable enough to hold the weight of a transmission, it is also light enough to lift with one hand. This makes storing packaging easier and less cumbersome.

If you’d like to learn more about corrugated packaging options, PCD is here to help. We are experts at packaging design and can offer corrugated cardboard solutions that improve your entire supply chain. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.